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Carpet Cleaning London

Dry carpet cleaning LondonCarpets and upholstery are certain to get dirty with time, that is definitely a predictable matter. Carpets which are subject to frequent usage are in contact with outdoor impurities which include soil and grime along with other debris that will deteriorate their fabric.

In most cases, London carpet cleaners work with hot water extraction equipment to clean up your carpets. Even if this approach to carpet cleaning may deliver some very nice results, there are several related disadvantages which include carpet shrinkage, colour running and so forth dependant upon the many kinds of carpet materials. This is why our carpet cleaners London use a different carpet cleaning method that provides the same results.

When it comes to incomparable multipurpose deep cleaning, our exceptional environment friendly variety of dry carpet cleaning products and services provide you with the unique and powerful alternative - carpet cleaning without water! Without any down-time, the equipment makes it possible for carpets to be stepped onto equally throughout and right after cleaning. Our London carpet cleaners are especially trained for the use of the dry carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals.

Frequent, constant carpet cleaning extends the life span regardless of the sort of carpet helping to maintain it's vibrant look and feel. That being said why would you compromise for anything below Woolsafe-approved, top quality products when needed to freshen up a multitude of carpets ranging from sisal to wool?

London carpet cleaning microspongesSo how exactly does it work?

At the centre of the dry carpet cleaning system are actually the all-natural Envirodri Microsponges. These very small, organic, sponge-like elements hold exactly the required quantity of natural cleaning agent and wetting ingredient to break up and absorb grease or water-based soil. The substances are brushed and agitated deeply inside the pile by using an Envirodri Gen 4 Machine and next simply just vacuumed away to end up with the carpet dry, deep-cleaned and fresh smelling.

Given that the dry carpet cleaner microsponges need no supplemental water, carpets can certainly be looked after regularly rapidly and with no interruption of your schedule. Regular maintenance doesn't only save some time and is definitely less expensive, but in addition extends the lifespan of your carpet. The counter-rotating brushes within the carpet cleaning machine behave as a pile lifter, rejuvenating crushed carpet back to its initial state.

Primary Advantages of the Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

Ideal for all varieties of carpets from Synthetics to Naturals

Carpets stepped onto during and just after cleaning: no recovery time facilitates a deep clean whenever you want

No shrinking, colour running or mildew associated with wet cleaning

No reason to clean wall-to-wall or even to move your furniture

No more guess work to in order to identify the correct spot and stain treatment - Stains won't wick back again

Gets rid of undesired smells

No tacky remains left that may attract different soil, which means that carpets actually do remain cleaner for much longer

Expands the life span of carpeting

Boosts quality of indoor air

Minimizes servicing expenses

Our agents will be happy to assist you tailor-make a package of London carpet cleaning services that will properly reflect your requirements. In the event you need to have a specific service which is not detailed, just ask.