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Will I have to have a visit from your agents?

This really is for you to decide basically, we will be delighted to speak about all of our services along with you and respond to any questions you could quite possibly have. Nevertheless, it is possible to assist you on every aspect you want to find out via the phone.

If you wish to go ahead using our services, you certainly will receive a visit from your designated cleaner before them beginning the assignment to you. This really is to allow them to know precisely what your requirements are.

What locations can you handle?

We handle all London Boroughs inside the M25.

What about the bonus referral system?

If you recommend us to a possible client and in addition they buy one of our regular services, you are going to be given a referral bonus of £50, or a free cleaning session as soon as the new client has actually been served 3 times.

Precisely what tasks will your cleaner carry out for my family?

Our cleaners will carry out the majority of typical cleaning duties in and around your residence including though not restricted to, cleaning the inside windows, vacuum-cleaning, floor scrubbing, dusting, changing bedsheets, ironing, cleaning the skirting boards, polishing, dish washing and much more!

Specifically what criminal record checks are undertaken onto your personnel?

Each and every cleaning operative comes along with recommendations from previous clients, which we verify. We also collect even more referrals from their current customers after they have already been along with us some time.

Some cleaners also provide Criminal Record Bureau records (also known as a CRB record) from earlier jobs. All cleaners have accepted that they will be more than pleased for clients to do a police check assuming they choose to.

We also conduct a final occupation interview of all the candidates in their own personal residence. This allows us to obtain evidence of address, say for example a gas or telephone bill, so we know they actually do live at the address we are evaluating them at in addition to evidence of identification by requesting a passport, birth record, to ensure that everyone knows they really are who they claim they are.

By meeting with them in their personal residence, it provides us a look to the way they live and the way they clean. We are able to determine if they are aware of the high requirements which our customers look forward to.

How quickly am I going to have a cleaner start?

How quickly am I going to have a cleaner start?

We are going to provide a cleaner at the earliest opportunity, generally in a single day. Then again, some month's requirement exceedsour capabilities, for that reason your patience is highly valued while we are focusing on finding you the best cleaners.

Exactly what is the method with the home key, should I be out at the workplace?

Every one of our cleaners can certainly be relied on regarding your residence keys. We use a key security document which your cleaning operative will have to sign. The document comes with a confidentiality commitment which our cleaners also will comply with for your personal reassurance.

Specifically what training will you offer your cleaners?

Right after picking out the cleaners, we arrange a training for all of them. Even more important though, we instruct them relating to the usage of solvents, caustic as well as other extremely harmful household chemical products, keeping away from combining chemicals to make sure they refrain from breathing in hazardous gases, and/or harming your environment.

How can the cleaner figure out what I require?

You guide them as to what you are interested in have cleaned every week. (For instance, maybe the kitchen drawers need emptying and cleaning one week additionally, the next week each of the skirting boards require cleaning). Nonetheless we also supply you with client task sheets, you mark the tasks that you need carrying out during the time given and the cleaner uses your list and ticks off every single task as finished.

Who exactly provides the cleaning products?

We find the majority of our customers would rather use their particular cleaning products and vacuums. From a cleaning perspective it is considerably more hygienic.

We could however offer a cleaning kit used just for your household should you require, at an additional cost.

You should be aware that because of health and safety regulations, bleach is definitely a forbidden product.

Am I allowed To meet up with a cleaner prior to they really begin their work for me?

Certainly, actually we require this, it really is fully necessary for you to be pleased with whom ever it is that will be entering your place every week.

A short meeting just before agreeing to any cleaning timetable will offer you as well as the cleaner the chance to ensure you are both pleased about the agreements you are planning to set in place.

We shall be in contact with you on the phone all the way up until the moment you are fully pleased with your new cleaning operative!

What number of hours should I have?

The minimum prerequisite to book our cleaning service is two and a half hours every week or three hours fortnightly.

The typical time booked is 3.5 hours, this appears to be sufficient for many individuals.

Must I pay to you personally or to the cleaning operative and is there any sort of agency charge that is applicable?


You only pay us and then we pay for the cleaners. There is absolutely no agency charge or supplemental costs in addition to what you have already been estimated.


Am I going to have the same cleaning operative each and every visit?

Sure, you will be getting the very same cleaner on each and every visit except in cases where she goes on vacation or perhaps is sick. In these instances you will definitely be informed and given a substitute cleaner.

When will the cleaner arrive?

The cleaning moment depends solely on you and your personal preferences. You must decide on a day that is the best choice for you and we'll assign a cleaner who is close to your location and will also be capable to clean your premises on the same day each and every week.

Can you iron shirts and exactly how many each hour?

Certainly, we can iron shirts. Our cleaners are taught to iron 6-7 shirts on an hourly basis

Is your cleaner going to clean my oven?

In case your oven requires more than a brief clean, then it is best to give us a call. We are going to refer our professional oven cleaning staff to you. The final results are going to be significantly better plus the cleaner will save some time and concentrate on other tasks.

Would you clean the windows?

Window cleaning is a service plan which we can provide independently. Please call us today for related information. Nevertheless our cleaning operatives will clean the windows only from the inside except in cases where there exists a safe access from the outside the house or that the windows can open inside the room.

What will happen if I am not satisfied with your results of the cleaning?

If you wish to modify the cleaning day we require at the very least one week notification. If you wish to call off or reschedule the service, we must have no less than 24 hours notice.

What happens if I am not happy with the quality of the clean?

If you think that your regular cleaner is simply not achieving the norm you anticipate we are going to perform a spot check and deal with the situation. If subsequently there is still no change for the better, in that case we will replace the cleaner. We realize it may be very annoying to fail to receive the service you anticipate therefore we do our very best to deliver the maximum standards.