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Home Cleaning London

home-cleaning-londonWith each day that passes, London domestic cleaning services are becoming more and more necessary. The throbbing rhythm of life, work commitments that require us to spend increasingly a long time away from home and children are just some of the problems we face daily. After one day of hard work, the last thing we want is to start dusting, sweeping, washing dishes and other boring tasks.

This is where we come to help. Our teams of home cleaners London are specifically trained to relieve you of these problems. Whatever your cleaning tasks, they will meet high standards of both quality and efficiency.

Home cleaning troubles? We are here to help.

We provide an efficient and friendly cleaning service to the London residential market. Naturally, you can choose from our weekly, fortnightly or one time cleaning packages.

We are specialized in London contract cleaning whether it be a small or a larger house and our services are tailored according to each client's requirement. Our crew of experienced and polite cleaning operatives take great pride in outperforming other cleaning companies. We offer performance with a unique touch, making your like simpler and at the same time making certain your residence continues to be crystal clean.

In addition to regular London residential cleaning services, we also provide special one-off spring cleaning, move-in and move-out cleaning and post-builders cleaning services. For these reasons, many of our clients did not hesitate recommending us to their friends or relatives. Many of our new clients come from these recommendations, which makes us confident that we must be pretty good at what we do. You can read some of their testimonials here.

Our London home cleaning services

A typical visit from us usually includes these services:

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For all rooms:

Dusting of the light fixtures, furniture and shelves

Dusting the window frames, blinds, baseboards

Cobwebs removal

Vacuuming the carpets, rugs, stairs and soft furnishings

Floor mopping

Cleaning the glass surfaces and mirrors

Changing the linens, making the beds

Emptying the trash cans and ashtrays


Cleaning and sanitizing of the toilets, including the bowls, seats and bases.

Cleaning and polishing of all mirrors and tiles.

Cleaning and sanitizing shower stalls and bathtubs, inside and outside.

Wiping down the cabinets (on the outside).

Dusting and wiping down shelves, fixtures, surfaces.

Polishing chrome surfaces.

Deodorizing the room


Cleaning and disinfecting countertops and sink.

Polishing stainless steel surfaces and appliances.

Cleaning of the stoves and hobs(on the outside) and control knobs.

Cleaning the white goods on the outside and top.

Cleaning glass sliding doors (inside and outside)

Cleaning of the microwave oven inside and out.

We can also provide you with many additional services:


Laundry washing

Oven cleaning

Refrigerator cleaning / defrosting

Window cleaning

Vacuum curtains

Wall washing

Cabinet cleaning

Upholstery cleaning

Furniture Treatment

Obviously, this list of London cleaning services is not exhaustive. Our representatives will be happy to help you customize a package of cleaning services that will properly reflect your needs. If you require a particular service that is not listed, just ask.


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house-cleaning-london-informationIf you have any questions about our services don't forget to check our FAQ section; there you will find answers to the most commons questions about our business.

Want to work as a cleaner?

house-office-cleaning-london-jobs-smallAre you an experienced cleaner? Please enter your details on the cleaning jobs form as detailed as possible and we will evaluate your application as soon as possible.