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house-cleaners-londonA clean home is every owner's pride. Every home requires a lot of attention, care and hard work in order to look neat and clean all the time. The same holds true for offices.

There are so many things in a house or in an office that need to be cleaned on a regular basis. However, domestic cleaning, office cleaning and carpet cleaning are always considered mundane and boring.

Professional cleaners ensure that in such cases they give utmost importance and care while cleaning your property. Sometimes it is always better to leave the task to the people who are best suited for it.

Before we select a cleaner who will carry out your home or office cleaning to your personal needs, we carefully check their references and vet them in their own homes to determine the high standards required. Next we look for the right attitude and personality in the person to whom we will trust to care and clean your home.

Lightmark Cleaning offers many benefits over our competitors. For instance, prior to commencing our service, we will send a cleaner to your premises so that you can meet and get to know them. That way you will be able to relax, confident in the knowledge that your home or office will be cleaned by someone you've already met, who'll be properly motivated and you will get the same, regular cleaner each week.

Once approved by you, we will endeavour to keep that cleaner allocated to you for the duration of the contract.

All our London residential cleaners, London office cleaners and London carpet cleaners are professionally trained in all aspects of cleaning and have checkable references (available on request).

Renowned for our excellent customer residential and office cleaning service with a solid commitment, we are also proud to offer highly competitive rates.

For more information about our London domestic cleaning service, London office cleaning service or London carpet cleaning service, please feel free to contact us.


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house-cleaning-london-informationIf you have any questions about our services don't forget to check our FAQ section; there you will find answers to the most commons questions about our business.

Want to work as a cleaner?

house-office-cleaning-london-jobs-smallAre you an experienced cleaner? Please enter your details on the cleaning jobs form as detailed as possible and we will evaluate your application as soon as possible.